Everybody is fascinated by history, and when it comes to Egypt, Egyptian history has fascinated millions of people around the globe. Being an Egyptian, I have never taken the history of my country for granted; I was like the tourists who visited Egypt, always inquisitive about this magical place, always fascinated by its wonder. Siwa has become an interest as soon as I read a book about Alexander the Great. I was very interested to know more about his visit to Siwa to be baptized in the temple of Amon, around 850 km from Cairo, and I remember thinking deeply about the importance of this temple so Alexander the Great visits it and meets the Oracle before continuing his quest. When I started searching for more information, I was surprised that this temple has been considered the second most important place for practicing magic in the ancient world. The temple’s priests had the prophecy that the army of Cambyses Son of Cyrus the Persian king will collapse during their invasion of Egypt. This prophecy proved to be true; the army moved from the Delta in Egypt to Siwa which is far away, all they wanted from this entire journey is to destroy the temple. Suddenly, this mighty army vanished in the desert without any trace! Reading this fascinated me and made me want to explore Siwa more.

I decided to visit Siwa, and I did so many times. Whenever I visited this place, I used to feel halos of energy surrounding the oasis and I felt the presence of many mysteries that are yet to be solved. I was fascinated by the exotic local culture and customs, and by the unique architecture. The more I studied the history of this place, the more my curiosity had increased. I wanted to know more about the importance of this remote oasis so people had to talk about it from ancient times until today.

Recently, when fossils showing the feet and hands of a man, a woman and a child that could date back to 2 or 3 million years ago were found in Siwa, I realized that the story of this oasis starts at the dawn of history and that it stretches to far beyond what we have ever known! So I decided to start researching the story more deeply and thus, it has inspired me to make this film. It’s Siwa’s story that has inspired me to make this film. I wanted to let people know about the ancient mysteries and secrets of this magical oasis. I wanted the people to know how much prominent leaders and historians have paid attention to this oasis throughout the ages from Herodotus and Cleopatra to Alexander the Great, Cambyses the Son of Cyrus, the Amazigh and the Arabs, they all had ties to Siwa.

I also wanted to personalize the story and so I have met people from Siwa, people who studied Siwa, and people who have been living there and they will all tell us the story of Siwa from their point of view. Siwa will be this magical place but it will also be the magic that touched many people’s lives. I think this decision came to me after hearing so many personal stories from the region. This will make the documentary more personal and it will connect the land to the people, and the stories to real characters which will make it much more interesting to watch.

For me, my vision is clear, it is a glimpse into a magical world where the ancient becomes new and the new becomes ancient. Where magic meets reality, the desert meets the sky and religion meets sorcery. This is a place that still glows with magic and mystery, and I would like to create a film that celebrates the wonder of this mystery.

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