About Me

My name is Mohamed Hisham, and I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt on January 1st, 1975.

Words can’t describe the deep love I have for my country; unforgettable memories, and friendships of strong foundations. Life in Egypt is filled with joy, laughter and wonders. It is beautifully filled with so much passion and mixed emotions. It brings sentimental, happy and even feelings. Most of us Egyptians are known to be very emotional and have extremely dramatic experiences in life.

Life in Egypt is humorous and yet problematic, the dilemmas and tragedies I witnessed there made me perceive life in different angles. I lived many tremendous stories that enriched my knowledge and imagination. It made me naturally enjoy the smallest details in life.

Upon completion of my high school studies, I struggled to get into a film institute, yet even after 4 unsuccessful trials, I didn’t give up! Eventually, I was admitted into the AUC, where I got my Diploma degree in Studio Management. However, deep within, I knew that would lead me to my dreams somehow.

I began my career as a Freelance Editor in various studios. In time, I moved to Dubai and pursued my career as a Creative Editor, and hence a Creative Director.

As time flew by, I was feeling empty and unenlightened. Only then did I discover that my purpose in life was to serve in a humanitarian form. With it, I decided to follow my dreams by creating films that hopefully would have a major influence on the future cinematic generations. That’s what I wanted; I wanted to document life, particularly Egypt’s dramatic life, in pictures.

In 2010, I decided to become a documentary filmmaker emphasizing on the problems we are facing in Egypt and expressing views of unheard voices.

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